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Debut theme supports tumblr’s gallery posts. That means you can publish up to 10 photos in one post and arrange them any way you want.

The one who knocks

No speeches. Short speech. You lost your partner today. What’s his name - Emilio? Emilio is going to prison. The DEA took all your money, your lab. You got nothing.

Square one. But you know the business and I know the chemistry. I’m thinking… maybe you and I could partner up. I’m sorry, what were you asking me? Oh, yes, that stupid plastic container I asked you to buy.

You see, hydrofluoric acid won’t eat through plastic. It will, however, dissolve metal, rock, glass, ceramic. So there’s that. How about something with some protein, maybe? Something green, huh? How are you even alive?

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Beautiful responsive tumblr themes

There are over 150 milion tumblr blogs. More than 100 milion tumblr posts are published every day. And there are like 6 decent looking tumblr themes.

We’re launching Pixel Revel to change it. We want to deliver versatile, clean, responsive and above all - beautiful themes for one of the best publishing platform out there.

Flipped a coin

Don’t talk to me about hours, what about sudo, man? How are we gonna get that? You think the meth fairy is gonna just bring it to us?

God it takes me a week to get this stuff. I’m driving all the way up to Las Cruces, two hundred miles each way to meet up with my Smurfs. The dudes who go to the drug stores and get a couple boxes at a time and then sell ‘em to me.

And that’s maybe only good for, like a half pound worth. See that’s the bottle neck in your brilliant business plan. Of course you would’ve known that if you would’ve just asked me.

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If your picture has EXIF data available it’ll show up over the photo. If you don’t want users to see EXIF data, you can easily turn it off in the theme customization panel.
  • Canon EOS 50D
  • Aperture: f/8
  • Exposure: 1/800th
  • Focal length: 50mm

If your picture has EXIF data available it’ll show up over the photo. If you don’t want users to see EXIF data, you can easily turn it off in the theme customization panel.

Today’s your lucky day. Look around, kiddo - it’s all yours. You are now the owner of this fine establishment.
Saul Goodman

Cheetos or Fritos?

That’s a recipe for vegan s’mores. There’s all kinds of crazy crap in there. He had like a top ten recumbent bicycles, indoor composting tips, all right next to the mother of methamphetamine syntheses.

This guy was a uh, man he was a real character. Let me show you something. Right here, the top it says uh… ‘to W.W. my star, my perfect silence.’ W.W. who do you figure that is, you know? Woodrow Wilson, Willy Wonka… Walter White?

Sorry, buddy. No can do. Pain is my foot in your ass. Ooh, heyo… pool party! Hey, I don’t get the gag, jackoff. Who is this?

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Want to share a video? Youtube? Vimeo? Theme supports it all. Or would you like to upload your own movie? Not a problem!

Epic Morgan Freeman

Rehabilitated? well, now let me see. you know, i don’t have any idea what that means. it only took me six days. same time it took the lord to make the world.

I did the same thing to gandhi, he didn’t eat for three weeks. I once heard a wise man say there are no perfect men. only perfect intentions. that tall drink of water with the silver spoon up his ass. the man likes to play chess; let’s get him some rocks. boxing is about respect.

Getting it for yourself, and taking it away from the other guy. no, this is mount everest. you should flip on the discovery channel from time to time. but i guess you can’t now, being dead and all.

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